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We continuously innovate to offer you features that adapt to your needs. At Diduenjoy, we invest on efficiency, simplicity, and design.

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Creating the survey

Question library

Take advantage of our question library, customized on the basis of your industry in order to find the correct formulation. If you wish, you can also add your own questions.

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Customized survey...

Customize the surveys sent to your customers by adding your logo and your company’s colors.

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…and multilingual

All the questions within our library are automatically translated in the language used by the customer.

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Sending the survey

Integrated emailing system

You can directly send your inquiries using our emailing system without fees! Do you want to send your own survey? It is also possible.

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You can configure your outgoing emails so that a customer receives your satisfaction survey no more than X times per month or per year.

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Feedback in real time

Customers' responses automatically feed your dashboard, available in all media (mobile, PC, tablet, connected TV). You can monitor your customers's level of satisfaction in real time and filter your feedback by location, date, product, and customer typology. Involve your team by giving them personalized access to the platform.

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Get in touch with each of your clients through our simple and fun messaging system. Engage in conversation with all your customers: dissatisfied ones to provide them with a customized solution, and satisfied ones to turn them into true brand ambassadors.

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You can configure email alerts by setting your rules (alert type, frequency, receiver) to notify you, for instance, about a detractor customer. So give the right information to the right person at the right time.

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Email summary

Every week you'll receive a summary via email regarding the evolution of your satisfaction index, your strengths and your areas that require improvement. You can choose to automatically send this email to your entire team.

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Our API makes it easy for you by enabling you to synchronize your Diduenjoy survey results with your own sites or services.

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